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As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

Revelation 2
Commentaries on Rev 2:10 (Introduction)
Commentaries on Rev 2:10 (List)

Revelation 4-5; 19a
Parallels Between Zech 1:7-6:15 and Rev 4:1-6:8
Rev 4-5 and 19a
Spirit of Prophecy References to the Sea of Glass
Thoughts on Rev 4-5: Where Is the Throne?

Revelation 10
Thoughts on Rev 10

Revelation 12
Thoughts on Rev 12
Textual Overview Rev 12
Revelation 13
That Notorious Number (Edwin de Kock)

Revelation 17
Seven Heads and Ten Horns in Daniel and Revelation
More Thoughts on Revelation 17
The Eighth Is of the "Seven," Not the "Seventh" (Rev 17:11)
A Context for Revelation 17, and Other Passages

More on Revelation 4-5; 19a
The document below is large and could download slowly.
Revelation 4-5 and 19a (98 pages)

Here is the same document in smaller pieces:
-     Forward, Table of Contents
-     Part 1: Introduction
-     Part 2: In Regard to Dan 7
-     Part 3: The Four Series of Seven
-     Part 4: The Three Angels' Messages
-     Part 5: In Regard to Rev 19a
-     Part 6: The Spirit of Prophecy
-     Part 7: Conclusion

Supporting Material
Main Reference Discussion Verses
Rev 5:1 Does Greek dexian Mean Right [Side] or Right [Hand]? Verse List
Translation List
Rev 11:17-18 What Is the Context for Rev 11:19? Four Greek Terms