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Historicism is loyal to, though not sponsored by, the Seventh-day Adventist church.
As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

By Topic: Nature of Christ

Michael (No. 6/Apr 86, pp. 39‑48)
A Personal Portrait of Christ (Supplement/Apr 88)
The Human Nature of Christ in View of Rom 8:3 and 1 Cor 15:45 (No. 21/Jan 90, pp. 2‑24)
The Humanity of Christ (A. Leroy Moore) (No. 9/Jan 87, pp. 2‑14)
Rock Symbolism
Christ's Use of Rock Symbolism in Matt 16:13‑20 (No. 17/Jan 89, pp. 18‑36)
The Old Testament Basis for New Testament Rock Symbolism (No. 4/Oct 85, pp. 16‑38)
Word Studies
Two Words for "Prince" in Dan 10-12 (No. 6/Apr 86, pp. 2-11)
What Does the Hebrew Word ish Mean? (No. 28/Oct 91, pp. 35‑46)
What Does the Hebrew Word ben Mean? (No. 18/Apr 89, pp. 59‑70)
What Does the Hebrew Word mal'ak Mean? (No. 5/Jan 86, pp. 2‑25)
Other Papers on Christ
Christ Intercedes for Us. What Does This Mean? (No. 27/Jul 90, appendix, pp. 59‑60) (Paper)
The Christology of Heb 1-2 (No. 25/Jan 91, pp. 2-12)
The Christocentric Orientation of Daniel and of Scripture Generally (No. 1/Jan 85, pp. 2‑9)
Three Examples of Divine‑Human Relationships (No. 13/Jan 88, pp. 2‑11)