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Historicism is loyal to, though not sponsored by, the Seventh-day Adventist church.
As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

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wenisdaq in Dan 8:14, Part 1: How Should the Word Be Translated? (No. 3/Jul 85)
wenisdaqin Dan 8:14, Part 2: The Context of Judgment (No. 4/Oct 85)
wenisdaqin Dan 8:14, Part 3: The Context of Atonement (No. 5/Jan 86)
What and Where is the Futurist Gap in Dan 11? (No. 2/Apr 85)
What Augustine Did not Tell Us about the Nature of Man (No. 25/Jan 91)
-     Appendix: Does the Social Isolation of Some Individuals Falsify the Above Argument?
What Can 1 and 2 Chronicles Tell Us About ta hagia in Heb 13:11? (No. 28/Oct 91)
-     Appendix: Sanctuary Terms From 1 and 2 Chronicles
What Does the Hebrew Word ish Mean? (No. 28/Oct 91)
What Does the Hebrew Word ben Mean? (No. 18/Apr 89)
What Does the Hebrew Word mal'ak Mean? (No. 5/Jan 86)
Who Did Daniel See and Speak with in Dan 10? (No. 10/Apr 87)
Why Is the Book of Hebrews a Problem? (No. 25/Jan 91)