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Historicism is loyal to, though not sponsored by, the Seventh-day Adventist church.
As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

By Date: 1991
No. 25/Jan 91
The Christology of Heb 1‑2
Why Is the Book of Hebrews a Problem?
What Augustine Did not Tell Us about the Nature of Man
-     Appendix: Does the Social Isolation of Some Individuals Falsify the Above Argument?
Bible Study and Sanctification
No. 26/Apr 91
Daniel 9:24 and the Atonement
-     Appendix: Ancient Versions of Dan 9:24
Pelagius and Patrick
Is The Judgment Inimical to the Gospel?
On the Nature of Inspiration
No. 27/Jul 91
Covenants and Sanctuaries in Heb 8‑9
-     Appendix 1: Sanctuary Terminology in Heb 8‑9
-     Appendix 2: Indentation and Headings in Published Versions of Heb 8‑9
-     Appendix 3: Christ Intercedes for Us. What Does This Mean?
The End of the Seventy Weeks in Dan 9:24‑27
Paul and James
On the Connection Between Theory and Practice
On the Nature of Holiness
The Perseverance of the Saints
Three Brief Notes
No. 28/Oct 91
On the Relationship Between Praise and Works
Allusions to the Sanctuary in Heb 13
What Can 1 and 2 Chronicles Tell Us About ta hagia in Heb 13:11?
-     Appendix: Sanctuary Terms From 1 and 2 Chronicles
What Does the Hebrew Word ish Mean?
Some Thoughts on Dan 4
Babylonian Religious Functionaries Mentioned in Daniel
-     Appendix: Semitic Roots that Mean Both "Separate" and "Determine"
Paul's Offering "for the Poor Among the Saints in Jerusalem"
Supplement/Oct 91
A Cross‑Linguistic Survey of ta hagia in Heb 9