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As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

Supplements: Time Line
The Entire Time Line
The time line supplement covers a period of 380 years, from 940 BC to 561 BC. It traces the reigns of both Northern (Israelite) and Southern (Judahite) kings, showing the relationship between them at each point.

     -     Part 1: Introduction
     -     Part 2: Summary of Results

This particular supplement represents a unique challenge in terms of manuscript preparation, so part 3 was scanned as individual pages (20 years per page) and is offered here just as it appeared in the original print publication. One result of redoing parts 1 and 2 (above), but not redoing part 3 (pages opposite), is that the paging changed here but not there. Thus, part 2 now ends on p. 14 (it formerly ended on p. 17), while part 3 still begins on p. 18. This might look odd, but nothing was left out.
Individual Time Segments
940-921 BC 740-721 BC
920-901 BC 720-701 BC
900-881 BC 700-681 BC
880-861 BC 680-661 BC
860-841 BC 660-641 BC
840-821 BC 640-621 BC
820-801 BC 620-601 BC
800-781 BC 600-581 BC
780-761 BC 580-561 BC
760-741 BC